Adventures in Letter Writing No. 14: Putting the “Pro” in Procrastination

I’m actually still procrastinating by writing this, but serendipity did a lovely thing so I honestly had to write it down.

I’m meant to be writing Christmas cards. You’d think the Founder of The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society would relish that but, although I really do, I feel mildly distracted (sort of like when someone has a torch light on a wall for a kitten) by the fact that actual Christmas is 10 days away and I have only bought about three presents. Much like the “Daddy or chips?” advert, I’m being all “cards or presents, cards or presents, CARDS OR PRESENTS!?”, and frankly getting nowhere.

And then to add to the dilemma husband throws into the mix that he has La La Land on DVD from the library which needs to be returned tomorrow and says “I think I might watch this this afternoon. What are you doing?” “Err, writing Christmas cards!!? But don’t worry, I’ll just listen to the music from here” (four metres from table to telly). Yeah, right!  As the opening titles started, the music and dancing and cinematography tractor-beamed me from my chair across the carpet and before you could say “Ryan and Emma are rather lovely aren’t they” I’m perched on the edge of the sofa in my usual uncomfy TV watching spot, feet up, cup of tea in hand. 

I hadn’t seen it at the cinema despite all its awards (I must also be the only person on the planet to not really get Mamma Mia – some friends are quite cross about that), but now I wish I had.  It was worth abandoning the Christmas cards for. It’s just lovely! SPOILER ALERT but I’m slightly sad the dream sequence/parallel universe near the end wasn’t the actual ending, but I guess the writer had their reasons (like what!?). It’s beautifully made (hence all the Oscars I suppose!). What clever, arty, creative people they must be.  I would love to crash one of their gatherings.

Anyway it struck a chord the “Here’s to the fools that dream” audition thingy (it reminded me of a melancholy version of the one from Tangled). I can definitely do day-dreaming – I should have an Oscar for it really…  And NOW! It is time to get serious about the Christmas cards! Right after another cup of tea!


One thought on “Adventures in Letter Writing No. 14: Putting the “Pro” in Procrastination

  1. Melanie Evans says:

    I, too, look forward to writing Christmas cards but mostly when it’s too early to send them. When the time comes that it’s actually appropriate to send them, I procrastinate and can’t get interested……..what’s up with that????

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