Few would deny there is something really special about a handwritten letter through the post. But who gets them anymore? Well, I’m guessing lots of famous people but what about the rest of us? It’s time to put handwritten letters back on the map for everyone! Imagine a funny, moving, insightful, beautiful handwritten letter through your door. How exciting would that be!

But really, it’s not to hold back the future, it’s just The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society is a way to bring together people who love to write and receive handwritten letters, and to stop them from becoming a lost art. The hope is that handwritten letters will go on forever and ever. And if the Society encourages just one person to write a letter to a friend or relative or someone famous, it will be a triumph!

In a nutshell (or rather six bullet points) this is what it’s all about…

  • To inspire people to write handwritten letters to each other.
  • To unite letter writers in a bid to boldly cling on to the dying art of writing letters.
  • To put the fun and meaning back into writing letters.
  • To value the beauty of an individual’s handwriting.
  • To encourage anyone and everyone to put pen to paper and send a letter to someone special.
  • To gather together everything to do with handwritten letters in one place.

We really feel nothing beats a handwritten letter especially in these information superhighway days. So have a wander around the pages from ways to Be Inspired, to photos in the Gallery, from News, Getting Started, to Membership if you’d like to join, but definitely definitely take time to find a quiet place to sit and write a letter to someone you like or love or admire or want to know something about. With any luck they might write back!

Dinah Johnson (Founder)

LIFE MEMBERS: 1602 members in 36 countries (and counting!)


20th-21st July 2024, Nothe Fort Victorian Weekend, 10am-4pm

Every Saturday: #PostboxSaturday

Axel Scheffler – Member No. 855
Rob Beckett, Official Honorary Member
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