Adventures in Letter Writing No. 17: Say “Cheese!”

Looking up famous people and where they write (or wrote) letters from has been fascinating.  Well-known folk obviously wanted to be remembered for where they did their writing.  It kind of makes sense really.  The place is integral almost to the thing that’s being written.  Not necessarily directly.  It might not even feature but it plays its part hugely.  I find it lovely when people mention the place they are when they write to me.  It adds another dimension to their words.  A context.  One friend addressed her letter “Cold House” the other day in a joking (I’m hoping) way.  I must see if she needs our spare fan heater but she could’ve been saving electricity!?  I can’t put my finger on why I find it intriguing where the person is. There’s just something really special about it. 

Much like The Queen though I’m not the biggest fan of selfies (although I’m always open to persuasion) only because there’s something just a bit odd about them.  Maybe people take them because they are practical, or we don’t trust anyone to hold our camera/phone anymore, or if we aren’t actually in it we think no-one will believe we were on top of that mountain or saw that famous person.  Annoyingly if I’d been more selfie-savvy (did selfies exist in 2004) I could’ve snapped Madonna and Guy Ritchie over my shoulder on a cold, windswept, and deserted Studland Beach with me grinning (and slightly cross-eyed) in the foreground.  Oh well, never mind.  I know it was them (for real!).

Anyway, more importantly two lovely people have kindly jumped on board with “My Letter Writing Place” photos.  My techy guru friend, Jo Elkington, during a visit to Thomas Hardy’s Cottage in Bockhampton, and the equally generous and talented artist (they are my favouritest mugs to drink from ever), Madeleine Floyd from her studio in London.  The others I have to confess are just ones I found on the internet. Now I just need to encourage others to do the same. So please, do send a photo in if you fancy it.  They are such a lovely, fascinating, and inspiring insight into where we write our letters from.



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