Adventures in Letter Writing No. 2: An Audience of One

I’m still not convinced this is going to go anywhere. Not that it needs to in truth. I’ve just loved handwritten letters all my life and wanted to pass on some of that enthusiasm, or rekindle it if it used to be there. It’s not about sharing people’s actual letters online really. In my heart that doesn’t feel right unless you have their permission. I’m addicted to social media as much as the next person but I do feel sad about the loss of intimate moments these days. It’s quite novel to watch a sunset or have a giggle with friends and think this is just between us. I like it just because of that. A personal handwritten letter feels exactly the same. A small, in fact, a one person audience.

So maybe this is going to be one big fat fail for that very reason but maybe there is a tiny ember of intimacy glowing that we can gently blow on again. Who knows? It does mean moving away from the computer occasionally (says she typing at the computer) and finding some paper (any old bit will do) and a pen or pencil and writing to just one person. It is a bit of a weird sensation. Only I can spell-check my own writing in a handwritten letter which is a bit alarming being the original Mrs Malaprop, or was it Reverend Spooner, that I am? Maybe I’m both!? But equally it is fun just to let your thoughts flow. It can go anywhere, and generally does.

Please do give it a go. Even if it’s just once. And tell us how it was (well, only if you want to). I expect if you’ve read this far you already write letters so if that’s the case, do spread the letter writing love. One thing that would be fab to share online is where you write letters from. Where’s your Jane Austen or Winston Churchill or Charlotte Bronte place? That would be fascinating to see what weird and wonderful places letters are written from (my only reservation is perhaps not from the loo) but any others (normal, wild or wacky) would be brilliant. Send a photo and we’ll add it to the Gallery.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Letter Writing No. 2: An Audience of One

  1. Melanie Evans says:

    Hello! Please give your blog a chance. There is definitely a community out there. Check out the letter writing hashtags on IG. You’ll see so many like-minded people. There are also months that are devoted to letter writing. InCoWriMo is run in Feb; April is letter-writing month. Just start writing. I love that you gathered handwriting from your family members and tucked them safely away. Oh, I usually write from a chair in the living room while I’m watching tv. How do we attach a picture?

    1. D1nah_ says:

      Hi Melanie, Thank you for all your lovely comments and encouragement on my blogs. It’s been nice looking back and finding them on here. Amazing to have 291 members from 20 countries and over two years of lovely tales to tell. Hope you are keeping well! Dinah

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