Adventures in Letter Writing No. 4: The Art of Doing

Well today we made real progress with the website.  I thought “It might actually work! It may inspire people! You never know!”. In truth, thank goodness for the lovely Jo for her time and patience. Honestly, degree or no, this is a different world, the world of websites! To me, trying to build a website equates to suddenly being asked to fly a Jumbo Jet, i.e. I feel a little bit (a lot!) out of my comfort zone. 

The nice sales lady from 1&1 realised pretty quickly this morning that I wasn’t a “techy”. Her words! But hey, every day’s a school day as well as a letter writing day. Which was the point of this little waffle in that it’s lovely to put this website together; it’s a proper education; a skill I’m just dabbling in; it’s creative and fun looking up quotes and photos and famous writing desks, and I’m thrilled there are so many articles about writing letters and books to read and things to peruse, but in the end I find I’m all like “Yes, yes, yes, but I want to write a letter to someone!”.

It is true. I am more of a do-er at heart. I read half a page of a book or the start of an article and my restless mind makes me want to look up about what I’m reading or tell someone some fascinating fact I’ve just learnt. Which is an annoying trait in many ways, although I should say I can lounge around all day with the best of them. But scribbling my thoughts down to someone is the thing that really holds my attention. Not in a narcissistic way. More in a correspondence connecting way.

Anyway, I’m not sure why I started on this. Oh, I know. Because I read the first paragraph of the article, “These Letters Written by Famous Artists Reveal the Lost Intimacy of Putting Pen to Paper” by I had the overwhelming urge to write what had sprung to mind. Hmm, maybe I just need to get myself some famous letter writing artist friends.


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