Adventures in Letter Writing No. 58: Hip Hip Hooray! We had our 2nd Birthday!

So wowsers. I hadn’t really intended to do so much to celebrate our 2nd birthday but what a jolly lovely time we had. Local and national radio appearances, a trip to a school, a Care Home visit, a stately home rendezvous, an Arty Bazaar, Swanage Pier, a house concert with The Last Inklings, tea, cakes, bubbly, and even a dolphin! I mean, I didn’t arrange the dolphin (and that was a tale in itself) but it was still quite amazing. I could easily get like those Oscar luvvies thanking everyone for hours and hours but it was just the most loveliest of anniversaries shared with friends, family, Society members and strangers alike, and felt it really was worth highlighting some of the things we got up to.

We do have a rule in our house that birthdays can last the weekend, or week, or on occasions two weeks, just so anyone who wanted to send a card and forgot doesn’t feel embarrassed when they suddenly remember (my sister!) but it was lovely to organise a few events either side of the big day to put down a little marker for our special occasion.

I couldn’t have ever imagined I’d get to speak to Sara Cox on the BBC Radio 2 All Request Friday the day before the official date but that really was a team effort with people sending in proper letters to see if we could get a mention. I was amazed nobody could tell I’d just killed the Homepage of my website 30 seconds before the phone rang to say I was the next on but amazingly the little voice in my head saying “GET A GRIP!” worked wonders and maybe it was the adrenaline rush I needed!? It all worked out well in the end (the Homepage is back up and running now) and Sara Cox even said she was “Absolutely thrilled” I’d rung in (she is a sweetie to all her callers). I haven’t given up on Stephen Fry ringing in to surprise her – how magic would that be – but I’ll leave that ball in his court…

Equally lovely were the birthday cards that people sent which was so sweet and thoughtful and just as unexpected.

So yes, it was wonderful to have had such a giggle celebrating the 2nd year of The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society in, I think, pretty good style. I can’t wait to dream up what we can do for our 3rd birthday! Let’s hope it’s all still going strong a year from now.

Thanks so much again to everyone for all your continued enthusiasm and support and especially to all those who have joined, as well as come and written letters at our events, or in fact just written letters. It means a lot. I have to say, this Society really is one of the loveliest things I’ve done thanks to you guys.

Yours proudly,


Profile Picture Birthday Cake (of sorts!?)
On Purbeck Lunch, Purbeck Coast Radio, with Karen G
The Last Inklings House Concert at Leeson House
All Request Friday with Sara Cox!
Down at Swanage Pier during half-term
Danny the Dolphin
Meeting up with From Me to You Co-Founder, Alison Hitchcock, at Kingston Lacy House
The Arty Bazaar and Purbeck Coast Radio’s Roving Reporter, Ian Harkness
Letter writing at Corfe Castle Primary School
A talk and postcard writing at Clifftop Care Home, Swanage
Lots of new membership packs being prepared to send
Membership packs ready for posting

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