As heard on the Liza Tarbuck Show, BBC Radio 2, 23rd January 2021!

It was only a little email to let Liza know that the 23rd January 2021 was National Handwriting Day and please could she give a shout-out to all the members from The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society while I was sitting in the Letter Writing Shed writing letters and listening to her show. Five minutes later and there it was on national radio!

Liza Tarbuck always makes me chuckle and she didn’t disappoint. (Thanks everso, Liza! It made my evening listening up the Letter Writing Shed!)

Listen here:


2 thoughts on “As heard on the Liza Tarbuck Show, BBC Radio 2, 23rd January 2021!

  1. Becky Humphreys says:

    I was sitting in the car listening to Liza Tarbuck, waiting for my husband to finish shopping in the supermarket. I’m so glad the queue was really long for him as otherwise I wouldn’t have heard the Society mentioned and would not have found out about you. I will definitely be joining now! Hurray! From Becky :0)

    1. D1nah_ says:

      Hi Becky! That really made me chuckle! As did Liza Tarbuck’s shout-out. So glad you found us and wonderful to have you onboard. Sorry to hear the queue took a while but delighted you heard about the Society. Warm wishes, Dinah

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