Care Home Visit, 18th January 2024

It’s lovely to be invited back to a local Care Home in Swanage to give a little talk about The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society, and take some letter writing activities in for residents to have a go at.

As part of my visit I thought it might be nice to ask people via social media if they could help me with a letter or card for each of the 25 residents, and the response has been amazing! I’ve even been contacted by BBC Radio Solent Dorset Breakfast to see if I’d like to spread the word on the show on Monday 15th January at 7.20am!

There’s still time to send a card or letter if you would like to via the Society’s address – see below. There’s no expectation of a reply but some residents might like to so it’s totally up to the writer if they add their address.

This is just a stand-alone trip, but if anyone was interested in other organisations that send out joyful post to those who might need some, here are several listed below:

Postcards of Kindness

Give… a few words

Letters Against Isolation

Thank you so much to everyone who has send a card or letter for my visit. I’m really looking forward to taking them along this week. And if any arrive afterwards I’ll of course drop them off too.


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