Featured in On The Couch Magazine, August 2022

Thank you so much to all The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society scouts out there who let me know if we appear in any publications or get a mention somewhere. It was months ago that Rachel Warrillow got in touch about the Society so it was lovely to find out we’d got a wonderful mention in On The Couch Magazine.

I received a fab email from Acaycia who had spotted us and said “I looked up your site and I had to email to say how wonderful it is! I spent well over an hour looking through the quotes, blog posts, and art. I also shared the site with my friend, who like me, loves to write letters/postcards.” It’s always so nice to receive such positive feedback about the website. Acaycia even kindly sent me her copy of the magazine.

It was great to feature in this lovely article alongside From Me To You, Postcrossing, The Postman’s Knock, and the League of Extraordinary Penpals.

To order a copy online click HERE.


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