Hannah Scott Song Request and Shout-Out, 30th January 2021

Thank you so much to Hannah Scott for playing her brilliant song “Letter” at the livestreamed gig on Facebook and the wonderful shout-out.

We met Hannah at the Purbeck Valley Folk Festival back in 2018 when she came to play a set and saw we were going to be there too.

It was a real treat that Hannah came and played “Letter” on the steps of the Writer’s Hut that we’d borrowed as our wow factor, and we were delighted that she joined the Society a few months later and also gifted membership to her Mum as well.

For a lovely livestream listen click HERE. “Letter” is at about 8.40 in.

Photos below are from our first trip to Purbeck Valley Folk Festival with The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society in 2018 when Hannah came to visit.

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