One thought on “James Meek: In our age of privacy the postcard is an endangered, subversive species (via the Guardian)

  1. alan says:

    i am not sure whom or what this ‘comment’ is for.. but, as one who currently writes, at some length for i know not who or why (aside from oneself), the thing is : to write (that is, not like this )the – or A – problem with the digitally dominant era is it has turned us all in to TYPISTS, in my case poor ones. i could go on.. (and often do)
    the other thing about cards is that in a vastly superior way to emailart, cards can be pleasurably sourced, as mini-art works from the scatalogical to obvious art repro’s fro yer gallery. and, like paper & pens, it can be held, exhibited, pinned-up. amen
    i shall send a card

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