“30 Christmas Cards” Fundraiser!

We had such a lovely time with the “30 Birthday Postcards” fundraiser for our 4th birthday that we thought we’d do it all again with Christmas cards!

For a donation of £5 the Founder of The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society (me!) will write a little letter in a Christmas card featuring a pretty postbox (of course) and a sparkly sticker on the envelope to anyone you like (you, friend, neighbour, famous person, stranger), anywhere in the world!

I could even put in a good word with Father Christmas for you too, if you think it’s needed, but you choose where you would like it to go. Just let me know via our email, thlas@outlook.com, if the details differ from on the PayPal notification.

The Birthday Postcards went all over the place including the Penguin Post Office in Antarctica, the Northernmost Post Office in Svalbard, the Museum für Kommunikation in Berlin, as well as to someone’s favourite author, someone’s Mum, friends, people who donated them, Matty Hatton, Matty’s Auntie, From Me to You, and a sprinkling of famous folk (Stephen Fry, Dermot O’Leary, Alan Titchmarsh, Hannah Scott) to make sure we had a postcard to put in each postbox. Just think of the person or place and I’ll send it to them as a little surprise! Equally if you wanted it for yourself that would be fantastic too.

The Penguin Post Office, Antarctica
World’s Northernmost Post Office, Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, 78.9° N
Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin

There was some lovely feedback from postcard recipients saying:

“Thank you for my lovely No 4 postcard. Such a wonderful surprise. It just lifts my spirits, knowing that someone is thinking about me.”

“I love my card, thank you!”

It was wonderful to see them popping up on people’s desks too as they arrived at their destinations.

(laura_flora_fauna on Instagram)

As before I will write them as donations come in and then we’ll go out on Saturday 4th December to post them all.

I would love to guarantee that they would all arrive before Christmas but honestly for me the beauty is that they are travelling the lands, sea and air during December and at some point in the future they will arrive at their destination. I love Christmas cards arriving during the actual Twelve Days of Christmas too, and maybe even the unexpected surprise of them turning up in February. Hopefully this won’t be the case with our trusty beloved postal services but I thought I’d better add a disclaimer, just in case, during these unpredictable times. They will definitely all leave Swanage by Monday 6th December if we’ve missed the Saturday post (some are collected at 7am!).

Every sponsored card really will help to keep the Society going, from stationery to take to events, stamps to spread the word, insurance to keep us all safe, to keeping the website up and running, and more! It is hugely appreciated.

You can donate via the PayPal button below, or if in the UK by sending a cheque made payable to “The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society” to PO Box 9347, Swanage, Dorset, BH19 9BG.

Christmas Card Fundraiser (£5)

Thank you so much for supporting the work of The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society!


PS We’ll be wearing Christmas jumpers and hats all the way round the 30 postboxes of Swanage on the day and we’ll take photos of your cards being posted like before…

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