“30 Birthday Postcards” Fundraiser

I’m passionate about keeping letter writing on the map for everyone so in truth I’ll keep running The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society until the savings run out but if anyone wanted to help with the inevitable costs (stationery, stamps, website, insurance, etc) we’ve come up with a little “30 Birthday Postcards” Fundraiser we thought you might like.

For a donation of £5 the Founder of The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society (that’s me!) will write a 4th Birthday Society postcard from up the Letter Writing Shed to whomever you would like (you/friend/relative/famous person/stranger), to anywhere in the world. Each Society postcard will have a special little “4” sticker (sparkly or gold) to show it was part of the THLAS4 celebrations!

Postcards will be written as donations come in and then on the Big Day (26th October) we plan to go on a big “Postbox Crawl” to all 30 postboxes dotted around Swanage to post them. There will be photos!

(Postbox locations – colours refer to type of postbox!)

Thank you so much for supporting the work of The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society. It really does mean such a lot.


2 thoughts on ““30 Birthday Postcards” Fundraiser

    1. D1nah_ says:

      Thank you, Roddy, for the lovely comment! Thank you so much too for joining and for donating towards the Society. Delighted to have you onboard! Warm wishes, Dinah

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