Home Ed Hub Letter Writing Workshop

It was really lovely to run a letter writing workshop on Zoom with families from Home Education groups dotted all over the country and beyond, including Dubai!

Before the summer I sent a letter to set out what we might cover during the session and everyone came prepared with pen and postcard, and some memories of mini-adventures, to have a go at writing letters to penpals.

We looked at the idea behind the Society, what makes a good letter and getting started, the brief history of letter writing, told corny jokes which raised a smile, chatted about how the digital world is different from a handwritten letter, and shared personal stories of getting letters through the post. One of the highlights is listening to people talk so enthusiastically about mail they’ve received. I love telling the story of my Dad’s “big” letter which he sent to me 28 years ago when I first left home and which is kept treasured in my special painted shoebox from my teens. It makes more sense when you see it!

It’s always very special to get such lovely feedback too, knowing that the talks have inspired people to write letters again.

If you are interested in an online Letter Writing Workshop do email thlas@outlook.com to find out more.

Thanks so much for having me, Home Ed Hub!


My Dad’s big letter!

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