Adventures in Letter Writing No. 55: The “Write A Lotta Letters Initiative” (Patent pending)

I’ve had a Eureka moment! I mean I haven’t done clinical trials or anything but from my own experience I think it could really work.

So to set the scene I’ve been doing my exercise DVD (again) because, well, I’m addicted to all the bad stuff as much as the next person and I really would like to fit back into all my old clothes, mainly because I can’t afford to buy any more, but also I’m not getting any younger and although some things are out of my control, some things are just down to a bit of inertia. I should add, when I say “bad stuff” I only mean sugar and carbs and fat – nothing illegal!? Anyway the lovely Debbie Siebers who looks stunning is very jolly motivating so I’ve been (pretty) determined to keep up with the Slim-in-6 workout she’s prescribed. 1) You have to say “Slim-in-6” very slowly if you are telling people otherwise it will lead to shocked raised eyebrows (believe me) and 2) it’s supposed to be 6 weeks but the kids joke “more like 6 years Mum!” and I’m starting to think 6 decades, but I honestly (against all the grumpy voices in my head) have felt so much better for doing it.

The reason I have this particular workout DVD was because many moons ago when eldest was a lot littler I caught her watching a shopping channel just when Debbie was in full-flow. You can see why cold call and spam centres still find it worth their while to ring everyone up though. I got well and truly sucked in and before you could say “Chuck me my leotard!” Debbie Siebers’ DVD was winging its way to us, resistance bands and all. But no word of a lie, I really like it, plus the first two weeks’ session is only 35 minutes long (today is the start of “Ramp it up!”).

But the trouble is the want to graze chocolatey, sugary, stodgy snacks in those moments of down time, and it was during one of those I had my great idea! My “Write A Lotta Letters Initiative” (I like a mnemonic!?), the idea being whenever we feel a craving for the chocolate cupboard, take bold and decisive action to grab a pen and some paper, find a place out of reach from the biscuit barrel, and divert all energy into writing your friend a letter. I also thought it was completely poetic that the price of a stamp is roughly the same as a chocolate bar and has precisely 100% fewer calories. And not only by writing some letters have I been successfully distracted from eating my own bodyweight in cake but someone gets a piece of post through the door to hopefully brighten their day as well. It’s win-win! So you can see why it felt like a Eureka moment. All I need to do now is work on the mnemonic.

But seriously do try it – you can even be part of my clinical trials if you wanted, which would be marvellous!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Letter Writing No. 55: The “Write A Lotta Letters Initiative” (Patent pending)

    1. D1nah_ says:

      Hi Theresa! Thank you for the comment. How did you find us? I really enjoyed your piece about letter writing – thank you for sharing. And for encouraging others to write letters as well. Warm wishes, Dinah

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