Adventures in Letter Writing No. 69: Christmas Tree Festival from Home

I’ve had this great idea! No really, I was thinking about Christmas Tree Festivals and how they aren’t going to be happening this year (understandably) and how sad that was because the last two years I’ve taken the Society to them it’s been magical. The first year we went to the Emmanuel Baptist Church one with the theme being “Christmas around the World”, and then last year we went to St George’s in Langton Matravers with the trees decorated to represent each organisation taking part. We spent many a lovely hour browsing the trees and sampling all the delicious cakes with friends over a cuppatea and a catch-up.

On Saturday husband looked at the calendar and said “Crikey, it’s only 6 weeks until Boxing Day!” which I can’t decide is helpful or alarming seeing as the only thing I’ve got is some Christmas cards with postboxes on. Anyway, I decided, to help get more organised, I’d run away up the letter writing shed and write letters and drink coffee and eat hot cross buns. Why are hot cross buns still available? Are they very early or very late? I don’t mind either way because I’d eat them all year round, but as the rain lashed down and I contemplated lighting the candles as it felt like the sun had hardly bothered to get up I noticed a little postbox magnet all sparkly like a Christmas decoration. Also the fact that it was #PostboxSaturday and Boxing Day falls on a Saturday made me think how cool it would be if lots of us decorated our trees on a postbox, letter, stationery, philately theme, and then we could share them all either the Saturday before Christmas or on Boxing Day, or both! What do you think?

For the St George’s one I wrote lots of little letters and wax-sealed them to give out after Christmas. We could do the same, not necessarily the wax sealing but letters to our loved ones, and then people who can’t be with us on the day, it will feel like a little connection with them and can be delivered afterwards. Messages of love scattered amongst the baubles. We also made garlands with ribbons and old stamps and asked people to send little paper aeroplanes from around the world to put amongst the branches, and wrote out lettery quotes and made mini sacks of mail, and paperclip stars, and bubble-wrap pompoms. I saw online some little houses covered with stamps as decorations too which looked so sweet.

There’s also loads of wonderful postbox tree decorations out there but the homemade ones are just as fun. If anyone knows of some great postal themed tree decoration “makes”, or good suppliers, do let me know and I can share them. It doesn’t have to be a big tree – it could even be a cardboard cutout of one – just something daft and lovely that we could all share. I bet some of them could look like the window display of Selfridges but whatever budget I just thought some postbox/letter/stamp themed trees might spread a bit of Christmas cheer. It could be like our very own “Christmas Tree Festival from Home” but actually from all four corners of the world. That would be so fab wouldn’t it!

Please say you’ll join me!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Letter Writing No. 69: Christmas Tree Festival from Home

  1. Marjorie says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!! Aaah … the pictures. Such lovely memories! I’m thinking Christmas Tree Festivals at the moment too and offered my services for the online one to be held at The Minster here…. see if they take me up on it! xx

    1. D1nah_ says:

      Really lovely memories, Marjorie. Thank you so much for sponsoring the one at the EBC. Will you do a lettery themed one at home this year? I’ll have to use Richard’s stamps somewhere on ours again too. Dinah xx

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