BBC Radio 2 Recent Shoutouts!

The Rob Beckett Show – Sunday 13th August 2023

There were two reasons for sending Rob Beckett a letter. 1) He’s been asking for postcards over the summer which is very cool, and 2) I’d been trying to use up all the non-barcoded definitives before they became obsolete and after covering an envelope in them I realised there wasn’t much space for an address so it had to go to someone with a short address, and what better recipient then Rob at BBC Radio 2. How delighted was I to hear it was one of his favourite bits of post so far!

If you wanted to send him a postcard to join in his Sunday evening show the address is: Rob Beckett, BBC Radio 2, Wogan House, 99 Great Portland Street, London, W1A 1AA. I love that the only way to take part is to send something!

Thanks everso, Rob, and all the (postal) team at BBC Radio 2 for passing it on.


The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe – Wednesday 16th August 2023

We left our letter writing stand at home this year for Purbeck Valley Folk Festival because we were away and also just to have a little break but were delighted to get tickets for the Sunday as it would’ve been terrible to miss it completely. The least I could do was see if we could get a little shoutout for the festival organiser and her team on the BBC Folk Show the day before it started. I keep trying to persuade Mark Radcliffe that he should come – although hopefully it’ll be a year we’re there with our stand – so it was wonderful to hear our request!

To read more about our time at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival in years gone by, click HERE.


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