Interview on ABC Adelaide Mornings with David Bevan, 19th July 2022

I had a lovely chat with David Bevan for his show on ABC Adelaide Mornings on 19th July. Because of the time difference Paul Gough, the Producer, and David kindly set up a pre-record so that I didn’t have to stay up until midnight to be live on air. It felt strange thinking I’d be on air in Australia while in my slumbers but it was nice to listen back to it during our Tuesday morning. Time zones honestly confuse me.

It was great to have a discussion about The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society, the art of letter writing, and why I’m still not very keen on the new Royal Mail barcoded stamps. David’s comments after the interview made me chuckle/blush. (I had to record them as a little sound-bite!)

I’m forever grateful to have the opportunity to inspire and encourage people to write letters. Thanks for listening!


Listen to the full interview here:

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