BBC Radio Leicester with Ady Dayman, 3rd August 2022

I only got up early to have a listen to Ady Dayman on BBC Radio Leicester because a kind member had shared that he would be talking about his special letter he’d received from David Attenborough and handwritten letters in general. It was a wonderful surprise to get such a lovely shout-out, and before you could say handwritten letter I had a little message to ask whether I’d be happy to go on the show to explain more.

Technology is amazing when it works but when ALL the internet and mobile data go down you suddenly realise it’s impossible to find anyone’s landline telephone number especially up in Leicestershire. By some miracle there was a little window of wifi and I managed to get our landline number to them to call on, so it all happened in the end, but 1) I didn’t really need that much adrenaline in my bloodstream at 9.30am and 2) it made me realise how generally stress-free letter writing is!

Hopefully nobody noticed the minor catastrophe going on here at THLAS HQ, and it was lovely to chat to Ady about his incredible letter and what makes handwritten letters so special.

Listen below:


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