Letter Writing Day at Leeson House Field Studies Centre


Come and take part in a “handwritten letter revival” with this fun, active and empowering Day Visit run by The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society set in the beautiful house and grounds of Leeson House Field Studies Centre.

There are many benefits from letter writing for both writer and recipient but one recent study by the National Literacy Trust as part of Blue Peter’s 60th birthday celebrations revealed that “letter writers are better writers”. The study also found that children who wrote letters had “high levels of social awareness and sensitivity, as well as strong persuasive language skills”. 

By the end of your visit to Leeson House pupils will have:

  • Learnt a brief history of letter writing over the eras.
  • Taken part in two cross-curricular outdoor activities to give everyone something to write about (for example, pond dipping or orienteering).
  • Written a letter to a person of their choice while sitting in the beautiful lounges with its 17th Century wooden carvings.
  • Walked down the Leeson Drive to post their letter in the Royal Mail postbox.
  • Been part of a handwritten letter revival.
  • Enjoyed their packed lunch with friends somewhere new and exciting (always a highlight!).
  • Had a Grand Day Out at one of the South’s best loved outdoor centres.

Leeson’s recent newsletter explains a little bit more:

If you would like to organise a Letter Writing Day for your class contact Leeson House on 01929 422126 for costs and availability. 

Hope to see you soon!

A brief introduction to the day and the history of letter writing in the classroom.
The Day Visit and activities can take place all year round.
Letter writing in the Leeson lounges.
The postbox at the end of the drive for everyone’s letters.


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