Purbeck Valley Folk Festival Remote Letter Writing – The Big Join In! 21st-23rd August

The middle of August for the last two years has seen us taking part in the fabulous Purbeck Valley Folk Festival just up the road near Corfe Castle with our gazebo and wow factor (Shepherd’s Hut first year, Gypsy Caravans the next) encouraging festival goers to write a letter or postcard to a special someone over the weekend.

It is always the highlight of the Society’s calendar so, as with so many events this year, it’s going to feel really sad not to be packing up the car with all the festival gubbins from the shed and trying to transplant a sunflower or two from the garden to take up to our pitch, but mostly not being able to hang out with so many lovely, enthusiastic, supportive and onboard letter writing festival folk.

But all is not lost! We thought we would do some remote festival letter writing from our garden. It’ll be a lovely excuse to get the gazebo up, get out all the paper and pens, put the bunting up, listen to some folk music, drink a cider or two and encourage everyone to join in from wherever they are in the world to write a letter or postcard.

You could go the whole hog and make your garden or front room (or any room) into a festival/letter writing extravaganza, or pop out to somewhere special or beautiful or just different and write a letter or postcard just the once over the weekend. If you wanted to take a photo and tag us in with the hashtag #BigJoinIn that would be amazing but equally if you just fancied writing a letter or postcard and wanted to keep that completely to yourself (and the recipient) that is just as amazing. We thought people could print off the festival logo (above) and fashion it into a postcard to write to a friend or neighbour even.

The festival is organising lots of online activities together with live or premiere performances by bands that would have been there so do sign up for the newsletter or go to their Facebook page or the official website to see what is happening. They have a fab Crowdfunding page too with brilliant rewards if you wanted any cool merchandise to support the festival.

It would be really lovely if you felt like joining in. We’d love your company (even if it is remotely this year).


Photos from 2018:

Photos from 2019:

2 thoughts on “Purbeck Valley Folk Festival Remote Letter Writing – The Big Join In! 21st-23rd August

    1. D1nah_ says:

      Wonderful! Love the thought of people joining in with some letter writing wherever they are in the world. A big collective letter write! Thanks everso. Dinah

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