The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society’s 6th Birthday, 26th October 2023

Very excited to say that we have found the perfect location to celebrate our 6th Birthday with a spot of FREE drop-in letter writing!

We’ll be at The Hub in the heart of Swanage (see map below) between 12-4pm on Thursday, 26th October, so that people can pop by for a chat and of course some letter writing. The Hub together with The Loft is part of a wonderful charitable venture created to serve the local community and I’m delighted that we’ll be there on the day.

Not only is the space where the Purbeck Gazette office used to be (lovely connections to a D-Day event we organised together) but it’s nestled right in-between the wonderful and very favourite Chococo Chocolate House and Cafe where people can pop across to pick up delicious drinks and treats to enjoy while writing letters or cards or postcards. The Hub is on ground level so fully accessible to all, has heating, a little kitchenette, and even a loo too!

There will be paper, pens, envelopes, cards, postcards, parchment paper, stampers, stickers, quills and ink, all to use for free, as well as Royal Mail stamps to purchase if people need them, together with our lovely replica Victorian postbox kindly fundraised for the Society’s 5th birthday. It’ll be a fab first outing for our new Letter Writing Event banner flag as well!

I really hope you’ll be able to join us to celebrate our big day, as well as helping to keep the art of letter writing alive.


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