THLAS Postbox Postmark Stamper – Exclusive Member Offer!

As it’s our 5th birthday coming up and because several people have been asking about how to get hold of the little postbox stamper I use on outgoing mail and membership packs, I’ve been in touch with the people who make them up the road at The English Stamp Company and they have very kindly agreed to offer a link to any members of The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society who would like one too.

The postbox image, which comes from the Society’s profile picture, is exclusively for THLAS members. All you need to do is change whereabouts you live to go around the edge. The English Stamp Company are also including a slightly larger version just in case you live somewhere with a big placename.

The 25mm one is £18 (+ p&p). The 40mm one is £23 (+ p&p).

To get the link just email me at with your membership number (I can look it up if you aren’t sure) and I can forward the link onto you. It’s not a fundraiser so the cost of the stampers is what they retail at. I just love the little postbox design they made for me and as it’s our 5th birthday on 26th October it seemed a nice idea to share it with any members who might like one as well.

They can be shipped to anywhere in the world – it will give P&P costs in the website link.

Happy stamping!


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