THLAS T-Shirts from Beeny-Made in Cornwall

Really excited to say our friends at Beeny-Made in Cornwall have designed some lovely t-shirts especially for The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society. It’s not a fundraiser so the price is what they retail at, it was just I thought it would be nice to offer some of these fab Society t-shirts to anyone who would like them.

There are two styles with options for colours, and cost £19.99 + postage and packaging. Apologies to anyone overseas but they are for the UK only at present.

Click HERE for the link to the website with all the details.

I love wearing my Society t-shirt. Helen came up with the design for me which I adore. The little paper aeroplane on the front is a nod to all us stationery lovers and for me symbolises connection through our letter writing. Having the wording on the back was a stroke of genius – those who have ever worn t-shirts with wording on the front will understand – and it really makes me feel a part of our wonderful lettery community whenever I wear it. Not least it’s a lovely fit, good quality, and the material is so soft and comfy!

You don’t need to be a member to buy one so feel free to order one if you would like to. I love that each purchase will be supporting a small business, and it will certainly raise the profile of THLAS, but mainly they are just lovely t-shirts I wanted to share.

Here’s hoping to spot some out and about this spring and summer (oh, and it would be wonderful if you were able to send a photo – I could put them on here).

Thanks everso!


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