Rob Beckett Shoutout, BBC Radio 2, Sunday 10th September

I’m always so grateful to all the THLAS scouts out there who alert me to any mentions of the Society either on the TV or radio or in magazines or newspapers. I love it when a little message comes through saying “THLAS just got a mention on such-and-such, or in so-and-so!” so you can imagine my surprise and delight when only having had a lovely mention the other week on Rob Beckett’s BBC Radio 2 show, we had another last Sunday! I’m not sure if he put two and two together but as he’s collecting postcards, and as it’s World Postcard Day coming up on 1st October, and as he was asking about how to get more, I thought it would be fun to encourage everyone to send him some in the next couple of weeks.

If you wanted to send him one as well the address is: Rob Beckett, BBC Radio 2, Wogan House, 99 Great Portland Street, London, W1A 1AA.

A member suggested we write on the postcards our THLAS Member Numbers as well, to show him we heard!

Happy postcard writing, everyone!


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