The D-Day 80 Thank You Card Drop

I’ve always had a soft spot for D-Day veterans. Not that I’d ever met any until 6th June 2014 on D-Day 70, but it was the most monumental event I’d ever learnt about back in 1987 at the age of 15 standing amongst all the graves at Arromanches seeing them stretch off into the distance as far as the eye could see, many of them for men not many years older than me. My parents had won a caravan holiday to Normandy and they’d decided as we were so close we should go and visit the cemeteries. The effect was quite profound, but as I always say, if you’ve ever been you’d understand why.

Years later finding myself living in Swanage only a few miles from where they practiced the landings on Studland Beach and where lots of American GIs were posted before 6th June 1944, and not being able to find a local commemorative event we decide to go to Fort Henry at Studland to mark the occasion with a small impromptu service, and with help from our local newspaper invite anyone who would like to come and join us. I hadn’t expected actual D-Day veterans to attend. It was very humbling.

Impromptu service for D-Day 70 at Fort Henry, Studland
Meeting D-Day veteran, Cliff Brown

To make amends for it being all a bit last minute for D-Day 70, on D-Day 71 a friend and I organised a People’s Commemoration of D-Day at my old place of work, Leeson House, which turned out to be the loveliest and most memorable occasion. To read more about that amazing day click HERE.

This year, 10 years on, on D-Day 80, I’m still not sure if there’s anything happening locally again. Sadly several of the wonderful veterans who attended the garden party have died, but two lovely gentlemen, Peter Lovett and Cliff Brown, are still going strong.

Peter Lovett (centre) and Cliff Brown (right), pictured here with fellow D-Day veteran, Lee Wrake, back in 2015 at the People’s Commemoration of D-Day at Leeson House.

I’m very aware that getting about might be a bit more difficult these days so I had another idea…

The D-Day 80 Thank You Card Drop!

Would anyone like to join me in sending a thank you card to show them that what they and their friends went through for us on that fateful day is very much remembered and appreciated? I thought it would be lovely if we could get at least 80 thank you cards for them for D-Day 80. It’s just to let them know how grateful we still are. I would love to show them that we still care, and really it could be a mark of thanks to all the D-Day and WW2 veterans still with us, and especially to all those who died that day.

We can never really imagine what it must’ve been like on that day but it always feels poignant to remember it, made more so when everywhere looks so lovely in late spring.

If you would like to, please send cards by 6th June 2024 to:

The D-Day 80 Thank You Card Drop
C/O The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society
PO Box 9347
BH19 9BG

They can be written to Peter or Cliff or to “Dear D-Day Veteran” to recognise all the surviving D-Day veterans around the world.

Thank you so much for helping to mark this occasion.


Piece in the Daily Mirror, 17th May 2024
Interview with Lucy Ambache on BBC Radio Solent
Some of the cards received so far…

11 thoughts on “The D-Day 80 Thank You Card Drop

    1. Scott Montgomery says:

      How wonderful! 🇬🇧

      The family connections to WWII still resonate.

      My Grandpa served in the Royal Navy, my Grandma in the Wrens, my Grandad in the Coventry Fire Brigade.

      I am proud of my family’s contribution and that of our nation, doing the right thing in standing up to tyranny. Our D-DAY veterans deserve to live proudly each day and be celebrated for all they did.

  1. Roger Bickerstaffe says:

    I will gladly send a card.
    My wife and I visited Pegasus Bridge, the museum and Cafe Gondree by the canal. We had the good fortune to meet Arlette, who was a little girl of five on D Day.
    In the nearby museum we watched a video and I recognised an old colleague, who in civilian life, I never knew had participated.

  2. Simon Harrison says:

    Super idea Dinah – I’ll be sending one.
    I’ve also shared with my Postcrossing friends, hope that’s OK?

  3. Alison Lacey says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea. My husband and I will be in Normandy on 6 June as we think this is such an important event and one not to be missed. I will definitely be sending a card.
    Best wishes,
    Alison Lacey

  4. Karine says:

    Hello, that’s an excellent idea!
    I’d like to send a card from France, a card of D-Day in Normandy.
    Would veterans be interested in receiving some sand from Juno Beach?
    Thank you very much
    Best wishes

    1. D1nah_ says:

      Hello Karine! Sorry, I was away for a few days so have only just picked this up. Thank you for your message and for wanting to send a card. If you have yet to send them then some sand from Juno Beach would be a touching idea and I can pass it on to Peter who landed on Juno Beach on 6th June 1944. Don’t worry if it’s too late, but thank you so much for the idea. Best wishes, Dinah

  5. Rachael says:

    Hi Dinah, I’m sending a card from Sweden today. I really hope it gets there in time, I will send it via express service. Thank you very much for arranging, it’s a fantastic idea which I be proud to partake in!

    1. D1nah_ says:

      That’s really kind, thank you so much. Don’t worry if it arrives after 6th June. I will of course take any round that come here afterwards. Thanks everso again, Dinah

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